Introduction to Agro-Technology

New Agro-technologies in India 2021

Agricultural technology or Agro-technology is the process of using the technological advancements as a part of agriculture for improving the yield, and profitability. Use of modern Agri-Tech Techniques can be helpful in reducing the losses for the famers.

A study, titled as “Global Hyperspectral Imaging in Agriculture Market: Focus on Product, Application, and Country Analysis - Analysis and Forecast, 2020-2026”, says that the growth rate in the market is because of the increased précised farming throughout the world.

Technological advancements provide a wide range of solutions for various agricultural problems like crop monitoring, insect protection, etc. With the adoption of proper technological advancements all the above-mentioned problems can be resolved.

Agro-Technology in India

The Govt. of India has initiated a Digital Agriculture Mission for the 5 years (2021-2025) for projects based on new technologies like artificial intelligence, remote sensing, use of drones and robots etc.

A federated database of the farmers will be linked to the land records of farmers throughout the country and for every farmer a unique Farmer ID will be created. Transformation of the Indian agriculture sector will continue by adoption and application of new technologies so that farmers can increase their income.

The Govt. has also proposed few projects, through which the farmers will be able to make decisions on what crop to grow, which type of seed to use and what best technologies can be used to maximise the yield. Farmers can also decide about whether to sell or store their produce and when and where and what price to sell.

Along with a proper adoption of technologies, establishing a digital ecosystem for agriculture needs for various aspects like inter-operability, data-governance, data-quality, data-standards, security and privacy, etc.

Innovative modern techniques used for Agriculture in India

India is heading towards modernization in every aspects and in agriculture, India is using specialized Agricultural technological Advancements like Agricultural Drones, Automated Irrigation, Hydroponics and Soil Moisture Sensors, etc.

Agricultural Drone

An agricultural drone is a remote-controlled drone specialized with micro sensors that is used in various agricultural aspects mostly in monitoring the crop growth and crop production. The usage of an agricultural drone in agriculture can assist in gaining information of the growth stage of the crop and crop health.

Automated Irrigation

Automated irrigation is done through an irrigation controller, that is used to operate the automatic irrigation systems like lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems.The domestic irrigation controllers are for gardening applications, and professional irrigation controllers for more demanding agricultural applications.


Hydroponics is a method of horticulture and hydroculture. It involves the process of growing crops without soil. It is done by the use of mineral nutrient solutions in water that are obtained from various sources.

Soil Moisture Sensors

Soil moisture sensors are the sensors that are used to measure the water content in soil. Soil moisture sensors typically refer to sensors that estimate water content. Moisture content in water might vary depending on environmental factors such as soil type, temperature. These sensors are usually referred to as soil water potential sensors and include tensiometers and gypsum blocks.