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Food Science and Technology - TechBharat

Food can further be classified and defined in various ways. The classification can be done either by the content that the food is related to or the food processing methods that are used.


Introduction to Indian Food Tech Industry

The Indian food industry is growing along with its increasing contribution to world food trade every year.


Introduction to Agro-Technology

Agricultural technology or Agro-technology is the process of using the technological advancements as a part of agriculture for improving the yield, and profitability. Use of modern Agri-Tech Techniques can be helpful in reducing the losses for the farmers.


Introduction about Food Technology/FoodTech?

FoodTech events can be explained as ecosystems that consist of the agrifood entrepreneurs and startups innovating on various products and their distribution and marketing.


Growth of Food Industry in India

Introduction to Indian Food Industry


COVID-19 Impact on Agri Industry in India

Introduction to the Indian Agriculture and COVID-19